Over our twenty five years, the Committee partnering with various agencies and departments, has published small colour booklets, DL formatted for ease of use – in the field, throw in the glove box or posting.

Popular and now out of press, these booklets covered subject matters such as:

Weeds of the Desert Uplands – a snapshot of our most threatening weeds

Plants of the Desert Uplands – a grab of our most beloved and iconic flora

Trees of Barcaldine – Its streets are named after trees, so for the opening of the Tree of Knowledge rebirth, we shared this tree knowledge within the town’s streetscape, illustrating with native trees, shrubs and bushes (where many immediacy was to the European version – Ash, Fir, Oak, Pine)

All utilised a similar format and content within the DL, with a good colour photograph followed a detailed description, with relevant landholder and scientific information.  Such information was furthered by NRM groups publishing much more detailed works, and large format interpretive signage to avail visitors and tourists to this knowledge. Now with mobile phones in near every-one’s top pocket, maybe these formatted booklets would be now widely useful if ‘twigged’ from DL to smart device formats.  When the good rains do come, this app on the phone, specific to the weeds threatening the Desert Uplands Bioregion, will be invaluable in early spotting and fast treatment.