The Property Management Project (PMP) began in December 2006. From the results of monitoring and evaluation conducted by the Desert Uplands Committee, it was clear there was a strong interest amongst bioregional land holders for elevating property management planning skills and consequential funding assistance.

This project delivered information that provided landholders with decision making tools, allowing them to implement informed management decisions and planning techniques to achieve sustainable and productive outcomes.

In December of 2006 the Burdekin Dry Tropics Natural Resource Management board funded the PMP project for the Desert Uplands. The project was designed to achieve its goals by using three techniques to involve land holders, these include;

One-on-one property visits discussing issues and providing information on natural resource management. Also, by supplying them with industry contacts, information on funding bodies and funding arrangements to help them implement natural resource management techniques on their properties.

Capacity Building Activities developed for this project included:

  • Field Days on properties with strong local land holder input, showcasing land management techniques that have achieved positive natural resource management outcomes within the Desert Uplands.
  • Desert Steps Ahead Property Visits, providing information and support relevant to current property management challenges
  • Understanding climate workshops
  • GPS training and GIS workshops
  • Grazing Land Management Workshops

$150 000 Funding was allocated for on-ground conservation projects on properties, on a 50:50 basis, to design and implement environmentally beneficial projects. The 50% contribution from the landholder could be in-kind, such as time labouring and machinery usage. This project has been funded by Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM and as a part of the funding arrangement it has been stipulated that the on-ground funding be allocated to properties within the Burdekin River Catchment and its tributaries. This project was successful in:
a) Linking on-ground works outcomes, building landholder capacity to initiate actions towards achieving planning outcomes under both the Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM Plan and the Desert Uplands Committee’s Strategic Plan,  
b) Continuing and building on the DUBDSC’s previous successes,
c) Building on other initiatives currently being undertake in the DU, and
d) Providing strong integration between capacity building (Desert Steps Ahead), the provision of tools and the use of incentives.