With funding from Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, the Desert Uplands Committee has met and rewritten their strategic plan and getting their website updated from its incorporation in 1997. Cognicant of the widespread use of internet and social media, the Committee developed their refreshed website for a better presence across a wider audience, and be able to update content and postings more simply. The challenge of poor electronic communication across the interior continues to impede ease and desire of use by its community and Committee members, slowing their necessary upskilling to maximise its potential. The strategic plan underpinned by clear all-of-committee directions, motto and vision, has four clear related elements. A key initial factor is elevating the use of the new website and then social media, so it will after member appreciation, engagement, understanding and upskilling that the full value of the strategic plan will be reachable. Please review by OUR PLAN tab; and please let us, the Committee, know how this works for you, and what else DUC can do for you.