In 2012, the Desert Uplands Committee partnered with Meat and Livestock Australia to bring their seminal BeefUp Forums in to the heart of Queensland, to its smaller towns, rather than just the bigger and more coastal towns and cities, to where so much beef is bred – our rangelands.

The BeefUp Forums were held at Blackall, Aramac and Jericho, to great success. A range of current rangeland topics were offered, with experienced speakers detailing and demonstrating pertinent elements and issues. Out in the field, key aspects were further validated and shown, with ‘grass mechanics’ of all levels, attending beef producers and scientists, discussing nuances of pastures and where deficient supplementation, to better manage our pastures to meet the needs of our cattle, through the vagaries of the seasons.

The social aspects of these days are abetted with closing drinks and BBQ, and for these three BeefUp Forums, preceding butchery and seaming demonstrations.

6th September 2022 in Blackall, the Desert Uplands Committee and their Girl Power Project will again partner with MLA and bring a BeefUp Forum into the heart of inland Queensland, one of its prime beef breeding, producing and selling areas. Keep posted for details.