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The Enterprise Reconstruction Scheme

1182167480_enterprise_scheme.jpgThe Enterprise Reconstruction Scheme aimed to increase those pastoral enterprises that have the capacity for long-term economic viability and sustainable resource use. This has been achieved by providing financial assistance for property build-up, on-property development, capital restructuring, partnership arrangements and enterprise succession (to a total of $30,000 per year over a maximum of 3 years per enterprise).

An agreement between the State and Federal Government providing four million dollars for Enterprise Reconstruction was signed in August 1998 and the first interest subsidy payment was made in May 1999.  The Scheme was administered through the Queensland Rural Adjustment Authority (QRAA). 

In total 104 applications were received. This equates to 32.5% of the total enterprises (320) in the Desert Uplands. Approximately 55 applicants were approved.  When the Enterprise Reconstruction Scheme closed on 31 August 2003 all available funds had been allocated.  The Scheme continued to function until all payments had been made (end 2006).

The Future:

To build on the findings and success of the Enterprise Reconstruction Scheme the new Desert Steps Ahead project was developed.