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Advancing On-Ground Nature Conservation


The Desert Uplands Build-up and Development Strategy Committee (DUBDSC) has been running The Advancing On Ground Nature Conservation (AOGNC) program since 1999 and to this point in time has been a huge success. Funding for the many rounds of this program has mainly come from National Heritage Trust through the three Regional Bodies that the Desert Uplands transects, being Desert Channels Qld (DCQ), NQ Dry Tropics NRM and Southern Gulf Catchments (SGC), and a small amount from Qantas.

 Natural spring proteced from stock 1184216072.jpg
Fenced off natural spring

This project provides funds to landholders for on-ground works that will actively protect, restore or assist with better land management, native vegetation and waterways and enhance available habitats.


From 1999 - 2007 110 projects have been funded which equates to approximately $1,170,000 being spent on ground. When on-ground work is funded landholders contribute at least 50% of the project costs with the average being around 60% In monetary values this equates to over $3 million, including in-kind landholder contribution, being spent over the last eight years.


The DUBDSC has also been success in running on ground works through the National Landcare Program (NLP) and Envirofund. A total of 37 projects have been successful with $765,000 being spent on on-ground works.

Over 35% of landholders in the Desert Uplands have applied to participate in conservation projects with the DUBDSC since 1999. During this time the DUBDSC has managed a total of 147 on-ground projects and devolved over $1.935,000 for these projects. Including landholder contributions there has been $4.2 million spent in conservation work through the on-ground projects.

This project has now been completed