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Build-Up and Development Strategy Committee

The Desert Uplands Build-Up and Development Strategy Committee (DUBDSC) is a not for profit community group.  The group was formed in 1995 and since then have been successfully completing projects to address regional issues.  It is a dynamic group with strong community leadership who prides itself on achieving results.   

The DUBDSC vision is "That the people of the Desert Uplands will, through sustainable economic and environmental development, progressively increase their standard of living and quality of life".

The DUBDSC motto is "delivering community solutions for regional issues"

Whats new......

* Darren Doherty's "Regrarian Platform" workshop, 14 & 15 March 2018 at Ulcanbah. Sponsored by NQ Dry Tropics

* Booklet: Managing Famine, Fire and Flood in the Desert Uplands - Graziers' experiences. Contact Robyn Adams on 07 4651 0939 for more information or to get a copy.

* Garage sale 25th of March at the Desert Uplands Office, 39a Ash Street, Barcaldine starting at 7.30 am. Desks, chairs, shelves and other items available.