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The Committee


The Desert Uplands is one of the longest running regional strategy groups in Queensland. The role of the DUBDSC is to address economic, environmental and social issues faced by landholders and their communities within the Desert Uplands bioregion.

The Desert Uplands Committee consults extensively with the wider community and public authorities and has developed strategies to improve the viability of communities and the sustainability of land use within the Desert Uplands.

The Committee also initiates and coordinates research projects, prepares submissions for funding and provides information to assist graziers in property management.

The Committee is made up of local community members who meet every two months around the region and hold meetings where the public are invited to attend.


Committee Structure:Robyn 1193891911.jpg

Chairperson - Robyn Adams (photo right)

Vice-Chair - Bruce Currie

Treasurer - Nina House 

Committee members:

Rebecca Arnaboldi,


Robert Cameron,



Terry Brenan

Ashley House 

Margaret House,




Frank Manwaring


Juliana McCosker,


Serg Pelizzari,




Natalie Williams

If you would like more information about the Committee or would like to become a Committee member then please contact the Desert Uplands office.